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Ditch the tech fatigue! Tired of buying a whole new photo booth every time Apple releases a new iPad? Mr. Professional breaks the mold with its revolutionary versatile faceplate system.Imagine this: your events are the talk of the town, with lines forming for your Mr. Professional photo booth. But technology marches on – Apple unveils a stunning new iPad with a bigger screen or faster processing.

Do you scrap your perfectly good photo booth? Absolutely not! Mr. Professional lets you simply swap a faceplate, keeping your setup fresh and future-proof. That's right – upgrade your iPad, not your entire photo booth!

I recently took my Mr. Professional to the next level, switching from an iPad Air 5th gen to the sleek, new 13-inch iPad Air 6th gen. All it took was a quick faceplate swap – no need to buy a whole new system.

Here's the kicker: Mr. Professional's faceplates are even compatible with the latest side-camera iPads! They fit like a glove, even though they're a new generation. Stop settling for outdated photo booths. Mr. Professional lets you adapt to the future, one faceplate swap at a time. Get ready to capture stunning memories for years to come, with the most versatile photo booth on the market.


NOTE: You are buying just the faceplate. The faceplate does not include an iPad. Also, the latest generation of iPad that have a side camera are unique in dimensions which means they are NOT interchangeable with the older generation iPad that have the same screen size. (Text 909-504-8431 for tech support)

Mr. Professional Faceplates

Faceplate Color
  • If in doubt, please text us for support at 909-504-8431 to assist you with your faceplate questions. 

  • Faceplate will arrive in 10 business to your door. 

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