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Discover the Ultimate 360 Photo Booth Experience with David, Our Photo Booth Director
Step into a world where your moments are captured not just in photos, but in dynamic, 360-degree videos that tell a story from every angle. Join David, our esteemed Photo Booth Director, as he guides you through the captivating setup of our 360 photo booth—an experience designed to elevate your events to heights of fun and creativity you've never imagined.
David takes you on a tour of our sophisticated setup, featuring professional lighting that ensures every shot is picture-perfect, a prop table brimming with fun and quirky accessories to add that extra touch of personality to your videos, and the heart of our setup: the 360 photo booth powered by the innovative Snappic software. This combination not only brings an unparalleled level of entertainment to your event but also captures memories in a way that's as unique as you are.
With David's expertise, see firsthand how our 360 photo booth creates a buzz, drawing guests in with the allure of becoming stars in their own immersive video clips. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, birthday, or any celebration, our booth is the perfect addition, offering not just a fun activity, but a memento that lasts a lifetime.
Don't just take photos—make memories that move with you. Get ready to see your special moments spin to life. With our 360 photo booth, your event will be the one everyone talks about long after the lights go down. Select your overlay!

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