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Contact Ruben to get the best printer deals in the market. I got my DNP 620A Bundle from him. I highly recommend the 620A over the RX1HS here's why:


DNP DS620A vs. DNP RX1HS: Picking the Right Photo Printer for You

Looking for a photo printer that produces top-notch prints? Both the DNP DS620A and DNP RX1HS are dye-sublimation printers that excel in creating high-quality photos with vivid colors and a glossy finish. Here's a breakdown of their key features to help you choose the one that best suits your needs:

DNP DS620A: The Speedy Specialist

  • Print Speed: Blazes through 4x6 photos in approximately 12.4 seconds, making it ideal for high-volume printing environments like photo booths or event photography.
  • Weight: Lightweight at around 26.4 lbs, making it easy to transport and set up at different locations.
  • Power Consumption: Uses less energy compared to the RX1HS, resulting in lower electricity costs.
  • Watermark Feature: This allows you to personalize your photos with a watermark on the back, adding a professional touch or copyright protection.

DNP RX1HS: The Durable Workhorse

  • Print Speed: Prints a 4x6 photo in around 14.5 seconds, slightly slower than the DS620A.
  • Weight: Weighs in at around 30 lbs, making it less portable than the DS620A.
  • Paper Capacity: Holds a larger roll of media, allowing you to print more photos before replacing the media. Great for busy studios or photo labs.
  • Build Quality: Features a more robust build, ideal for high-traffic environments where durability is essential.

Choosing Your Champion:

  • Need for Speed: If speed is your top priority, the DS620A is the clear winner with its faster print times.
  • Portability Matters: The lighter weight of the DS620A makes it a better choice if you need a printer you can easily move around for events or different workspaces.
  • High-Volume Printing: If you plan on printing large quantities of photos, the RX1HS's larger paper capacity will keep you printing for longer stretches.
  • Durability is Key: The RX1HS's sturdier build is ideal for areas with frequent use or where the printer might experience bumps or jostles.

The Bottom Line:

Both the DS620A and RX1HS are excellent photo printers. The DS620A shines for its speed, portability, and energy efficiency, while the RX1HS excels in durability, paper capacity, and build quality. Consider your specific needs for print speed, portability, volume, and durability to make the best choice for your photo printing needs!


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